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          發布人:管理員   發布時間:2022-10-5

          塑料井蓋模具的出現主要起到保證行人、車輛交通安全的作用 ,井蓋是路面上應用最廣的建材產品.同時又能保證各種井的功能正常實現。

          The appearance of plastic well cover mold mainly plays a role in ensuring the traffic safety of pedestrians and vehicles. Well cover is the most widely used building material product on the road, and at the same time, it can ensure the normal realization of various well functions.


          The mould of plastic well cover is an important part of the mould and the basis of the mould. It has a very important technical and economic significance for effectively shortening the design and manufacturing cycle of the mold, better reducing the production cost of the mold, and improving the quality of the mold.


          The service life of the manhole cover mould is about 2 years on average. The engineering polypropylene PP is selected as the raw material of the plastic manhole cover mould, which has relatively tough characteristics and is not easy to be damaged. If the fertilizer is added, the toughness of the mould may be reduced and become fragile.



          When choosing a mold, we must consider the size often used in real life, which is more suitable for the market. After a certain amount of investigation, we can choose a mold, or directly choose a fixed size. After the size is determined, it depends on the material of the mold.


          Commonly used engineering polypropylene PP as raw material, white texture, color represents its purity, ask if it can be reused after use and other series of questions, which is the key to selection, I hope to help you.


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