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          發布人:管理員   發布時間:2022-11-2


          Well cover mould is the most advanced and ideal professional production equipment for cement bricks in the domestic industry. It has reasonable design, high automation, small floor area and high production efficiency.


          Well cover mould is indeed a good equipment, but it can not play its role without using the correct method. The products produced can control the protective layer of reinforced concrete beams, slabs, columns and wall foundations within the effective allowable range, which fully conforms to the relevant provisions of the state.


          Our factory constantly develops the latest products, and constantly strides forward to the international market. As a whole, the well cover mould has accelerated our pace of development and provided customers with a better experience. With our persistence, with our enthusiasm to provide services for the vast number of users.



          Adhering to our own production concept, developing the latest technology of well cover mould with the best production status and advantages, will bring more brand-new technical performance to our enterprises and show our different equipment embodiments.


          It beautifies our environment and realizes our pursuit of environmental health in the process of production. Vigorously developing environmental protection industry is an important measure to implement sustainable development strategy. It conforms to the requirements of international market and opens up a new era of green energy-saving through the plan of new building materials environmental protection machinery to meet the current development of the industry.


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